Drive Migration Assistant

This utility was created by Information Technology Services (ITS) to help you copy your data from the P: Drive and add it to the Microsoft OneDrive service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The P: Drive is an on-premise, personal file storage service provided by ITS. Your files are saved on our file server in the Storrs datacenter. The P: Drive is only accessible while on campus or connected remotely via Direct Access, VPN, or Remote Desktop.
OneDrive is Microsoft's online personal file storage service, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. It is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, and provides a simple way to store your files in the cloud. There is also a sync client so you can store your files locally on your computer for offline access.

Access to OneDrive is included with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription provided by UConn. Additional information about OneDrive can be found on the ITS Knowledge Base.

With your files on OneDrive, you can more easily access your data off-campus.

Access to the P: drive when you are not on the UConn network requires you to set up a remote access option, such VPN or Direct Access. Because OneDrive is a cloud-hosted service, you only need to login with your UConn email address ( and your NetID password.

Yes. The Drive Migration Assistant will only add files to your OneDrive and not remove them from your P: Drive. To avoid confusion, we recommend specifying a folder when requesting your migration.
The time a migration takes depends on several factors. The number and size of files and amount of traffic on the services will affect the overall migration time.
No. At no time during the migration will any files be deleted from your P: Drive or your OneDrive.